A hydraulic press for crimp connection of fittings with flexible pipes in the field is designed for various types of fittings (Figures 1, 2). A hydraulic press is designed to work with flexible pipes with the inner diameter 50 to 200 mm. A hydraulic press should be used together with a hydraulic station with the following parameters: working pressure – up to 3000 psi., a flow rate – 3 l/min, pressure regulation option for proper functioning.

The operating pressure of this unit ensuring the tightness of the fitting – flexible pipe connection reaches 3000 psi.

Figure 1 – Hydraulic press for installing pipe flange fittings and welded pipe fittings

Figure 2 – Hydraulic press for installing pipe symmetrical fitting and welded pipe flange fittings

OILTECHPIPE manufacturer, if necessary, may consider the issue of supplying 380 V hydraulic station with the operation and maintenance manual.