Flexible high pressure pipes can be equipped with a thermal insulation foam layer with conductive conductors for electric heating.

The technology of insulation of flexible pipes with thermal insulation foam layer with conductive cores for electric heating involves the following operations:

  • application over the outer shell of the flexible pipe elements (segments) with conductors of the same layer, wound in the same direction with a certain step. Segments with conductive cores may include heating conductors, power conductors, signal conductors (twisted pairs, fiber);
  • application of two anti-wear layers of polymer tape over segments with conductors;
  • application of thermal insulation foam layer over polymer tape by continuous extrusion;
  • application to the thermal insulation foam layer of the reinforcing element of two layers of high-strength metal tape wound in the same direction with a certain step and gap;
  • production of the outer shell by continuous extrusion from compositions based on low-pressure polyethylene.

The heating control unit is used to control the electrical heating system of the pipeline. The heating control unit includes a control station and a transformer.

Cable assemblies are used to connect the conductors.

To improve the reliability, tightness of the connection of 2 segments of the pipe with electric heating, an external protective (intermediate) coupling is used.