Ways of installation of flexible pipes OILTECHPIPE:

1. OILTECHPIPE Pipeline laying in trenches

For flexible pipes OILTECHPIPE the width of trenches should be by one third less than for regular steel pipeline. Except for this, there is a drastic time decreasing for pipeline mounting.

There are no special requirements for pipeline installation by this method. The main requirement is absence of big size stones and rocky ledges.

2. Pipeline onshore installation

By this method it is possible to install simultaneously and effectively some lines.

3. Pipeline offshore installation

Except for the listed ways of installation OILTECHPIPE pipe can be installed under the water on the depths up to 120m. Such kind of installation is applied to mount the pipeline both in fresh and in sea water.

Subsea pipelines are used for oil and gas transportation but can be used for transportation of other products, for example – fresh water.